BRZRKR from BOOM! Studios is one of the hottest new comic series around. It’s by Keanu Reeves and actually stars his likeness, so that’s not surprising. And you know what’s also not surprising? The fact that Netflix wants it.

BRZRKR #1 cover.
AKA: John Wick: The Highlander.

Netflix officially announces that they have bought the rights to BRZRKR. So what are they planning to do with those rights? Well, for starters, they want to adapt the comic into a live-action feature film. Presumably starring Keanu Reeves, due to his likeness already being in the comic book. Probably a lot easier that way for many reasons.

Keanu Reeves in person.
When you’ve already got it, you might as well flaunt it.

But that’s not all. In addition to that live-action feature film, Netflix also announces that they’ll follow it up with a spinoff anime series. That’s right. BRZRKR will be a Netflix original anime. It’ll be interesting to see Keanu Reeve’s likeness in anime style.

Keanu Reeves doing a Naruto handsign, and then the same with him dressed in Itachi Uchiha's outfit.
Keanu Reeves already knows what’s coming, and is eagerly awaiting it.

Unfortunately, that’s it as far as official news. Netflix has not given us any release date for either the BRZRKR live-action feature film, or this anime spinoff series. We’ll just have to wait for Netflix to give us some of that later.

BRZRKR: The New John Wick?

BRZRKR's protagonist leaping into action.
What do you call a combination of John Wick and Highlander? Johnlander? High Wick?

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, BRZRKR is a new comic book series created by Keanu Reeves. It seems that he had been developing the idea for a number of years before finally putting it down in comic book format with the help of writer Matt Kindt, artist Ron Garney, colorist Bill Crabtree, letterer Clem Robins, and character designer and cover artist Rafael Grampá. Now that’s what I call a talented team here.

As for the story? Well, like I’ve been saying: imagine John Wick and Highlander in an epic mashed-up crossover. That’s the basic premise of BRZRKR. You’ve got an immortal warrior whose only name is B. He makes a deal with the US government to fight their dirtiest wars for them. His price? He wants them to help him die. It’s that simple, but it’s an intriguing premise. A lot of other people agree, since the first issue sold over 615,000 copies since its release on March 3, 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’m already eagerly awaiting the Netflix adaptation.


Netflix just bought the rights to BRZRKR. Their goal? To make a live-action feature film, and then an anime spinoff series. Given how great the comic book is so far, we’ll definitely be eagerly awaiting both adaptations, whenever they’ll release.

Source: BOOM! Studios