Story Synopsis: House Of X/Powers Of X

The very existence of mutant kind’s future relies on a very unique mutant ability in this week’s Comic Rewind, House Of X/Powers Of X.

Mutants have always struggled to find their place in humanity.  However, how they have gone about finding it has always been different.  Humans had always been threatened by mutants and passed anti-mutant laws and committed violence on mutants.  Possible alternate futures always ended in the destruction of Earth by mutant and human hands.

However, Moira MacTaggert had a special mutant power which can change the tide of the human/mutant struggle.  MacTaggert can reincarnate with the complete recollection of her past life.  She can see where mutants went wrong and how to fix it.  In one life she sided with Charles Xavier aka Professor X and all mutants died, sided with Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto and the same result, sided with Apocalypse and same.  However, in this life she decided to have Prof. X and Magneto to join forces. 

House Of X/Powers Of X

Prof. X wanted to live side-by-side with humans.  However. Magneto had always chosen more aggressive methods.  Magneto chose to dominate humans and have mutants take their place as their superiors.  The two former friends have gone to war figuratively and literally for a very long time, but what happens when they put their differences aside for the sake of mutantkind?

House Of X/Powers Of X was written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Pepe Larraz and R. B. Silva.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2019.

X-Men’s New Status Quo Is Pretty Interesting

I wanted to read this because it looked like it was the new status quo for future X-Men comics.  However, I had no idea what it was about other than Prof. X was alive again somehow.  This was a mind-blowing comic.

However, I’ll be honest I was very confused early on because it isn’t a very linear story.  The comic takes place during four different times.  The past when MacTaggert recruits Prof. X and Magneto, the present, the future when mutants are led by Apocalypse battling Nimrod and the distant future when only a handful of mutants exist.  As the comic goes on it becomes more clear what is happening and it gets more interesting.  However, it would be very easy to give up and stop reading because it is so easy to get lost early on.

House Of X/Powers Of X

X-Men Heroes And Villains Combining Forces

I liked seeing all of the mutants banding together for a common goal, survival.  When I say all I mean all.  They have a council of mutants and it consists of some notables like Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and Mystique.  It looks like this could finally be the thing that saves mutants, but someone or something will mess everything up.

As far as status quos go I am very interested in this one.  I want to see what can be accomplished when all mutants work together, but the humans aren’t just sitting around doing nothing.  They are working on new and improved sentinels.

If you are a fan of X-Men like myself then this is a good read.  What is really good about this volume is it doesn’t require much more than a basic knowledge of X-Men comics.  




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