Disney+ is unveiling some exciting footage thanks to its relationship with National Geographic. 

Today the streamer shared a clip from its upcoming series Secrets of the Whales. The footage shows a sperm whale calf nursing from its mother – a moment recorded on video for the first time.

You can watch the clip below:

Secrets of the Whales features the expansive knowledge and skill of acclaimed National Geographic Explorer and Photographer Brian Skerry. The series ventures deep into the world of whales to witness their extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures, revealing life and love from their perspective. Filmed over three years in 24 global locations, the series unveils new science and technology to spotlight whales as they make lifelong friendships, teach clan heritage and traditions to their young, and grieve deeply for the loss of loved ones. 

The four-part original series contains additional never before seen moments, including:

  • Evidence suggesting that Belugas give themselves names, so groups can keep track of each other.
  • Baby belugas sharing their moms’ call signs.
  • 30,000 humpbacks charging down the coast of Australia towards Antarctica and using breeches to talk to each other.
  • The first cross-species adoption ever recorded, when a Beluga pod adopts narwhal.

Secrets of the Whales is executive produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron and narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

The digital soundtrack to the series composed, produced, and mixed by Raphaelle Thibaut will be released on April 19. The three year project also features in the new National Geographic book of the same name, as well as in the May issue of the magazine.

All four parts of Secrets of the Whales hit Disney+ on Earth Day, April 22.

Source: Disney+