Apparently, Funimation is co-producing an anime musical film called Sing a Bit of Harmony. And even more apparently, to build up hype for it, they’ve released a new official theatrical trailer.

Is this a Disney anime film?

As you can see from Funimation‘s trailer, Sing a Bit of Harmony looks very much like a Disney film, but in anime form. Seriously, a girl who can make miracles/magic happen by singing? Clearly, this was thought up by an ex-Disney story writer. Only, that’s not the case. The director is Yasuhiro Yoshiura. He’s responsible for such quirky anime like Time of Eve, Patema Inverted, and Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot. And now, he is giving us an anime musical. Even better, J.C.Staff (One Punch Man season 2, Food Wars!, A Certain Magical Index) will be the animation studio behind this film.

Sure, it’ll be until Fall 2021 until Sing a Bit of Harmony releases in theaters, and that’s just in Japan. We don’t even know when the licensors will be bringing this over to the US. But judging from the trailer alone, it looks like it’s worth the wait.

Sing a Bit of Yuri?

Sing a Bit of Harmony poster.
The yuri potential is strong with this one.

The whole premise of Sing a Bit of Harmony makes for some very lovely yuri potential. The anime film stars Satomi (Haruka Fukuhara: Kaguya-sama: Love is War?) and Shion (Tao Tsuchiya: Erased) in a musical fantasy as Shion tries to perform miracles for Satomi to make her happy. There are hints that this will be one heck of a tearjerker, so prepare for onion ninjas to invade when you watch/listen to this. Aside from that though, the fact that both main characters are female and that they apparently develop such a strong bond with each other is ripe for yuri. I mean, seriously, Sing a Bit of Harmony‘s Japanese title is Ai no Utagoe wo Kikasete, which translates roughly to Hear My Song of Love. If that doesn’t scream “Yuri!” right there, I don’t know what does.

I mean, sure, we have Asuka Kudo as someone named Touma, as well as Kazuyuki Okitsu, Mikako Komatsu (Dr. Stone), and Satoshi Hino (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) playing various roles. But really, we’re all going to be paying more attention to the 2 main character girls in Sing a Bit of Harmony. It’s only natural to pay more attention to the stars of the show.

When the animation is gorgeous enough that you can lipread the songs, you can bet this is worth the watch.


Sing a Bit of Harmony just got a new theatrical trailer that reveals a bit more of the story. Funimation looks like they’ve got a keeper with this anime film they’re co-producing. The anime film will release in theaters sometime in Fall 2021, but in Japan only at the moment. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer for an English release.

Source: Funimation