This week from BOOM! Studios we come to the end of a story I have been increasingly doubting these past few issues. With Origins 6 the story concludes, and even know I do not know quite what to think. I wondered if this story would end with issue 6 or if issue 6 would be the end of this chapter only to wait for the next chapter restarted with 1. This truly is the final chapter, and I find myself torn on its conclusion. It comes across both cheap and cliché, but at the same time it does work on some level.

The last issue left David in a bit of a bind. The Network pursued David and Chloe until at last they captured Chloe and began to take her over. Now in this issue they have done so. The network assimilated Chloe into it’s consciousness and now speaks to David through her form. David pleas for her to fight it but to no good. Chloe has been assimilated. Starting to sound familiar yet? It should. With this final issue this series sound almost exactly like Star Trek and the Borg. In fact the final trick that wins the day is the exact move the Enterprise uses to end the Borg collective.

David pleas with the Network to access Chloe’s memories and tell him a story. It does and falls to the one thing computers do not understand – emotion. David uses Chloe’s emotions as the virus that infects the Network and makes it crumble. Again, the Enterprise did the same thing with Hugh. By introducing emotion into the Network, it crumbles because it cannot process emotion.

The Final Chapter – A New Form

Just like the Borg, the Network alters to deal with these new sensations. Instead of wiping out humans to allow a better world to exist, it accepts David and the last remaining embryos. With the mix of Chloe’s emotions and the Network’s nanites, the new embryos become independent of the Network and the description implies they might be some type of cybernetic entity. When the first child is ‘born’, it turns out to be a girl, and David names her Chloe.

I think overall this story suffered from two things. One is the length. Trying to tell such a broad story in only 6 issues really makes writers cut out story that is desperately needed. These last two issues both felt rushed and it really detracted from the story being told. Too many answers came too quickly and were convenient and easy.

The second problem comes from what I stated above. This story became an almost exact retelling of the Star Trek/Borg story. I get that in stories, computers tend to be unbeatable. They think faster and compute complexities with ease unlike their human counterparts. The one thing computers always struggle with is emotion. Logic dictates one answer, but emotion rarely follows logic. It fits that Chloe’s emotions would undo the Network, but the parallels are too great with Star Trek.

If this story took more time to flush out its world and stayed away from the Star Trek storyline, I think it would have finished much stronger than it did. What have you thoughts on the final chapter of Origins? Did you enjoy it? Head over to THS Comic Books on Facebook and tell us your thoughts on this series.