NO. WIRE. HANGERS! And no more lower-quality viewings of Mommie Dearest.

The cult classic film is getting an upgrade. Mommie Dearest has been newly restored from a 4K film transfer. The new edition debuts on Blu-Ray June 1, along with special bonus features.

Based on Christina Crawford’s controversial best-selling tell-all novel, Mommie Dearest features a powerhouse performance by Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford, struggling for her career while battling the inner demons of her private life. While the public Crawford was a strong-willed, glamorous object of admiration, behind the scenes is a private Crawford—the woman desperate to be a single mother and trying to survive in a devastating industry that swallows careers thoughtlessly.

The 1981 film celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Part of the Paramount Presents line, the updated release includes collectible packaging. You’ll get a foldout image of the film’s theatrical poster and an interior spread featuring key movie moments. In addition, the Blu-ray includes a new Filmmaker Focus with biographer Justin Bozung on the film and its director Frank Perry, and a new audio commentary with American drag queen Hedda Lettuce. You’ll also receive a digital copy of the film, along with previously released bonus content.

Mommie Dearest Blu-Ray cover

Here’s the full list of special features.

  • Commentary by American drag queen Hedda Lettuce (NEW)
  • Filmmaker Focus: Biographer Justin Bozung on director Frank Perry (NEW)
  • Commentary by filmmaker John Waters
  • The Revival of Joan
  • Life with Joan
  • Joan Lives On
  • Photo Gallery
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

The remastered Mommie Dearest hits Blu-Ray on June 1. 

(Pity the release will miss Mother’s Day.)

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Source: Paramount