Comic-Con announced their intention to run a November event alongside the cancellation of Comic-Con 2021 this year. Well, that intention turned into an actual event planned for San Diego this November. Thanksgiving Weekend. Do some of us have families that we haven’t seen in a long time? Yes. So if you don’t care about those families, you can go to this event. You can read their announcement here.

While some Conventions are optimistic about the future for 2021, November might not be the best time for a large-scale event like Comic-Con to make it’s return. To be fair, this Special Edition, as it’s called, wouldn’t be the same size or scale as the annual July event. Their announcement does mention the possibility of the event being cancelled due to COVID restrictions. They really wanted something for fans to look forward to, which is still possible.

It’s not optimal, but it’s one of the only weekends available to book for the end of 2021. Convention season might be cut off or pushed back into the Winter this year, so get planning now.

You can always check out Comic-Con@Home 2021 this July 23rd through 25th.

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Source: Comic-Con