*WARNING* This Review Contains Spoilers For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode Two

Bucky and Sam would be really mad if someone spoiled the episode for you, so make sure you watch episode two before you read this review!

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might be moving at a “slower” pace than some might like. This week we got another thrilling action sequence and way more character development for the proposed “villains” of the series in the Flag Smashers. After the tease last week of a “new” Captain America, we got plenty of him in this episode as well. As much as it pains me, because I love Wyatt Russell, his character is uniquely dislikeable here. The show does try to make you feel sympathetic for him. After all, he’s just trying to do his job. But some questionable decisions by his character lead you down that path.

Intrigue And Mystery Out The Ass

This episode was really all about the new relationship between Sam and Bucky. You got a therapy session between the two of them, and more character building. The most powerful moment of the episode was when we’re in Baltimore seeing Isaiah.

Holy crap.

Did that scene hit hard or what? The look on Sam’s face after he asks Bucky how long he knew about him. I can only imagine what those two did to each other in 1951. It was a powerful moment that continues the racial tones of the series. Even the PD showing up to quell their argument was a hard hitting moment. Throughout the whole scene, you can feel the tension cut like a knife. It was a masterfully written, acted, and directed section of the show.

The “villains” of the show are shown in a more clear light here as well. They have the same motivation as Thanos, just on a smaller scale. What the specifics of their plan are, is more unclear.

The episode also ends on one of the most damaging villains of the MCU so far in Zemo. He was the one that broke up the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War after all. He looks to be the big bad of the entire show.

What To Look Forward To?

Like a good Buddy Action film, I’m looking more forward to what Bucky and Sam’s relationship turns into. It’s clear that the loss of Steve Rogers weighs heavily on the both of them. When Bucky finally broke into a place where he could ask Sam about his intentions in giving up the shield, the door was quickly closed. I’m interested in seeing that side of both of these characters more. Sure, the action and the wisecracks are great, but the crux of both of these characters is really one another. They’re the survivors and the last lineage of Steve.

So we have another tense encounter to look forward to in episode 3 with Zemo. We also have the tension brewing with Walker and his agency. Are they going to clash with Bucky and Sam? They’re self-proclaimed “free-agents” after all.

Overall, this was another fantastic effort on Marvel’s part. The show is slowly bubbling and building in a way that WandaVision didn’t. That show created the tension week to week with it’s format. We didn’t know the full mystery. This show, in a way, is acting like a political thriller. We know somewhat of who the baddies are, we just don’t know their motivation. I have the feeling that the next episode will show off just why Zemo is back for revenge. It should also give us more of that tension between Walker, Bucky, and Sam.

We know that this can’t end well for someone. We just don’t know who.

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