We are in the age of reboots and revivals and I know that is a sore subject for all the purists out there. However, I personally enjoy the idea of giving new generations something to enjoy, which also allows us oldies to relish in the nostalgia. Yes, some reboots/revivals are trash, but so far I’ve been lucky enough to review some gems like the latest reimagining of Saved By The Bell and Punky Brewster. It’s time to add The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers to that must-watch list because so far it is FANTASTIC! I had the opportunity to watch the first 3 episodes of the series and I cannot wait for more.


The Mighty Ducks originally was a trilogy of films in the 90s starring Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay. Bombay played peewee hockey and was one of the best shooters/handlers on his all-star team, the Hawks. However, during a championship game he missed the winning goal which haunted him and changed his views on winning for the rest of his life. After growing up and becoming a trash human, Bombay was pulled over and given a DUI. The judge gave him 500 hours of community service teaching a kids hockey team. This ragtag band of misfits help Bombay learn and grow into a better person, as well as go on to win the championship that he lost in his youth.

D2: The Mighty Ducks Bombay tries out for the hockey league minors and becomes a star player. However, a knee injury ends his career. On the bright side, Bombay is offered a chance to coach Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games where he reunites the Ducks and adds a handful of fantastic players from across the country. This film is where we get the ultimate duo – the Bash Brothers helmed by Fulton Reed (Eldon Henson) & Dean Portman (Aaron Lohr).

D3: The Might Ducks shifts focus from Bombay to Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson), his protege. After the Ducks win at the Goodwill Games, the teammates are awarded scholarships to Eden Hall Academy. However, the dream school and the dream team are not a perfect match and drama ensues. Personally, I think it’s the weakest of the 3 films, but still a fun time.


This leads us into the new Disney+ series heading our way continuing the trilogy as a television series. The Ducks are no longer a ragtag band of misfit toys, but a militant, all-star winning junior hockey team with overbearing parents to boot. Seriously, one of them has a child sports psychologist at her daughters practice. 

This is how we meet Evan (Brady Noon) and his mother Alex Morrow (Lauren Graham). After not being able to keep up, Evan is cut from the Ducks and his mother is furious. However, she has the bright idea for Evan to start his own Hockey Team full of kids who just want to have fun! After calling every ice rink in town, Alex stumbles upon the Ice Palace owned and operated by none other than Gordon Bombay who once again hates hockey for a mysterious reason. Through her annoying charm, Alex is able to convince Gordon to give her and her sons’ team ice time; and the new underdog team is born. 


After watching the first 10 minutes of this series, I was 1000% in. The show captures the charm and comedy of the original while somehow making it feel new, fresh, and current. After finishing the 3 episodes I was upset I didn’t have more! The kids absolutely kill it! Their acting, chemistry is superb. Lauren Graham is everyone’s Television mama. I found her character, Alex, to be incredibly relatable (even if you don’t have children). And Emilio seems to have not skipped a beat while jumping back into Gordon Bombay’s shoes. I appreciate that the series doesn’t hold onto Gordon’s secret of why he hates hockey for too long. We get the majority of the details within the first 3 episodes allowing him to progress quicker and not be bogged down by backstory.


Something I personally cannot wait for are the OG Ducks cameos coming our way. According to an interview with creator Steven Brill Entertainment Weekly, a handful of original cast members of the movie series will be making their way onto our television screens! 

“It starts with a fun encounter Coach Bombay [Emilio Estevez] has with Fulton — they have an interesting run-in on the street reminiscent of ways they used to meet each other back in the early days,” creator Steven Brill tells EW. “This chance meeting between Bombay and Fulton leads to a bigger story.” 

Steven Brill – Entertainment Weekly Interview

For episode 6: Spirit of the Ducks, the current coach, and the history of the Ducks are being honored. Joining the festivities will be Elden Henson as Fulton, Matt Doherty as Averman, Vinny La Russo as Adam Banks, Marguerite Moreau as Connie, Garret Henson as Guy, and Justin Wong as Kenny Wu! As of now, there’s no word about Joshua Jackson reprising his role of Charlie, but I get it. We can’t just throw everyone into the first season even if my 12-year-old heart wants it.