Coming to Hulu is a story about a Princess, but not just any princess – one with a strong will and score to settle.

In The Princess, Joey King (The Kissing Booth) plays the princess who has been sold to the highest bidder because her kingdom has no heir. However, after she refuses to wed the cruel Julius (Dominic Cooper) she is drugged and locked in a tower. I guess Princes don’t like to be left at the altar. 

Now, the princess must save herself, rescue her family, and protect the kingdom that she loves. But, how? That’s where the fun comes in. She is no ordinary damsel in distress. No, this princess is a secret warrior. 

In every moment of the film, you can see how much fun King is having. When she first read the script, it “scared the hell out of me”. So, of course, she had to do it. It makes sense that this movie is the one she’s most proud of in a long time. 


I haven’t felt this proud of something in so long. Like, truly, the way that I feel about this movie, the amount of work that went into it from everyone involved, and the amount of work that I put into it myself. It’s just like all of that knowledge going into it and then seeing the final product, it blows my mind how amazing it turned out. And it’s just like, I couldn’t be more proud or more excited for people to see this movie. 

At the heart of the film, there is a great friendship between the princess (King) and her mentor, Lin (Veronica Ngo). Even though their relationship starts more as mentor/student, Ngo wanted to make sure the true heart of their relationship shines through.

Because, [The Princess] is growing up with her, and then having all this philosophy training together. And then, you know, the philosophy is reminding and it’s repeating in her head. Through, even though the most crucial situation that she’s in, she’s still always having the flashback and when they met each other. And, I mean, the fun continue, you know, and the journey opens up. And even though in the middle of the fight they can it’s the relationship and how it connected to each other. Not just the princess and Lin, but also between me and Joey.


If you’re wondering about the fighting in The Princess, Joey King took up martial lessons and did a lot of her own stunts! Which, if anyone has tried, isn’t easy to do, but she had a great team, teacher, and stunt women to help her along the way.

It is such an honor, because Veronica [Ngo] is obviously extremely experienced in the action world, and she is just an unbelievable fighter. I mean, I knew I had so much to learn from her. She is so clean with her fighting. She is so admirable. It is just, like, it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful dance to watch her fight. And so to hear this, it is so nice. It is so lovely to hear. I really knew that I had so much to learn, and I still have so much to learn.

Make sure to watch The Princess on July 1st, 2022 only on Hulu!