Ron Livingston will now play Harry Allen in DC’s upcoming Flash movie.

He replaces the previous casting for Barry’s father, Billy Crudup. Crudup recently departed the role due to the film’s scheduling conflicts with The Morning Show on Apple TV+.

Livingston will star opposite Maribel Verdú (Y Tu Mamá También), who plays Barry’s mother.

The Flash movie brings back Ezra Miller as the title hero. The upcoming film marks the first solo adventure for the speedster, though he previously appeared in Justice League. Though the pandemic halted filming, production is expected to resume later this year.

The cast also includes Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman (from different dimensions, naturally). Sasha Calle from The Young and the Restless will appear as Supergirl. And Kiersey Clemons reprises her TV (and Snyder Cut Justice League) role as Iris West.

Livingston is best known for his role in Office Space, though he previously worked with Warner Bros. on The Conjuring.

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Source: Variety