Well, it looks like all the rumors of us getting a new Kick-Ass movie were true. But it also is not what you think. We were first introduced to the Kick-Ass franchise in 2010 and then to Kick-Ass 2 in 2013. But since then the Kick-Ass stopped and fans have been wanting more. Well, it looks like we are finally getting a new Kick-Ass movie and it will be part of a new movie trilogy.


New Kick-Ass Movie To Be Part Of A New Trilogy

According to an exclusive report by Collider, Director Matthew Vaughn is working on a new installment (Reboot) of Kick-Ass. What is interesting about this news, is that this movie will be part of a new R-rated superhero trilogy. Collider asked if the film was going to be Kick-Ass 3 or a reboot and here is what Vaughn had to say…

“We’re halfway through it. There’s a very, very dare I say it… and it’s gonna be a cliche coming out of this head of mine. It is a very, very meta universe. It is what, you know, ‘Kick Ass’ was reinventing and creating a R-rated superhero and no one was really doing it. This is taking that whole concept to a worthy…not even a sequel, because I think it’s just a whole new way of doing ‘Kick Ass,’ which couldn’t be more ‘Kick Ass.’”

Matthew Vaugh

Vaughn then went on to say “that the new Kick-Ass will be the third entry in a trilogy that starts with School Fight. “The trilogy will be School Fight, this movie, let’s call it Vram for the time being, and then Kick-Ass, and they’re all connected.” 

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Source: Collider