This week from DC Comics we get Justice League 59. I will admit I generally do not read the Justice League title, but post Future State I was very curious about the shake ups foreshadowed. Then team is about to gain many new members, and some don’t seem like a logical fit for the JLA. The awesome cover to JLA 29 even hints at the new members. I was curious to see how things shake up.

Much of this issue is the team doing what they do best, working together to defeat a bad guy of tremendous power, but its the opening conversational overlay and the final few panels that really set this story up. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Dinah Lance (Canary) talk about the future. After recent events Ollie thinks the public needs to see the JLA as more than lifeless symbols and here-again, gone-again faces. Opening up the roster and recruiting some new members would challenge the JLA to be more than they are. The team has become too familiar with itself, and when that happens growth stops.

Dinah begs the Leaguers to bail her out. You Have to love Batman’s response. No. That’s it. Just no, but the rest of the league agrees. They ask where they should start and that brings us back to the rest of this issue.

Justice League 59 – The Fight That Begins It All

Kahndaq, home of Black Adam. Black Adam has long been a villain sliding into the anti-hero role, and with both this title and The Rock’s forthcoming movie, look for the slide to the good side to continue. What starts out as a friendly conversation with a boy at a cemetery, turns into an all out brawl with a demon.

The JLA shows up to even the odds, and one of the opening remarks from everyone’s favorite Boy Scout says it all. Superman, the one who always sees the positive in others makes the comment, “Well at least Black Adam was in the right side of this.” This little interaction hints at the turbulence that will ensue when Black Adam eventually becomes part of the JLA. Things will definitely be shaken up.

The final few pages of the story jump to a youngster, introduced very recently to the DC Universe, young Naomi McDuffie. From another world, she has begun to manifest powers beyond her wildest dreams. She just learned she’s not of this Earth and possesses incredible powers. Black Adam drops in and asks to talk. Naomi, too, will join the league and bring with her a youthful perspective and enemies of enormous power. I highly suggest checking out her individual titles. She is a great character that will be fun to follow in the pages ahead.

Justice League 59 – Going Dark

I am really split on whether or not I like the split titles in one book. Justice League 59 starts with the JLA, but then for the end it shifts gears and follows two members of the Justice League Dark, Jon Constantine and Zatanna. So many times the second story doesn’t pay off and it feels like a cheap add-on, but in this case the story launches a promising new story.

The Story follows not only Zee and Jon, but Merlin (yes THAT Merlin) as well. It starts with Merlin returning to his cave where Excalibur is watched over by the Lady of the Lake, Elnara Roshtu. She is elated the Master has returned.

Meanwhile, Zee and Constantine head to a small town in New Mexico. A 7th century prophecy lines up with a 1994 freak concert event where the singer began singing in Sumerian. Constantine and Zatana head to the location to check it out and find an all out brawl in progress. The interesting subtle point is that Zatana says she cannot use her powers.

Constantine manages to freeze time, and then the weapon of hell and gift of heaven coalesce into Jason Blood. His message does not bode well for the future or our heroes.

Justice League 59 – A Promise Recalled

Then the story does an about face. A centuries long ally turns against humanity. I was shocked when Merlin impales Elnara through the gut with his fist. As he leaves her to die he walks over to Excalibur, breaks it and takes back the crystal within the sword. Merlin swears ” I will drag this world towards its destiny. Kicking and screaming if I must.” I am now extremely intrigued as to where this story is going.

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