Batwoman is missing and without a hero, Gotham City is in danger.  Meanwhile Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) upon finding the Batsuit, must decide if she wants to take on the responsibilities of Batwoman, or run away.  In season two, episode two of The CW’s Batwoman, titled “Prior Criminal History”, we see team Batwoman, Commander Kane and his Crows trying to cope in a world without Batwoman, and trying to find out where Kate Kane could possibly be.  

Although this is the second season for the show, Batwoman season two had to recast it’s lead after Ruby Rose departed at the end of season one.  Given this change, I was curious to see how a show that only a season after it started had to account for such an adjustment, would pan out.  The first two episodes have not disappointed.  It still feels like a continuation of a story, still had the same tones as season one, and managed to not lose a step.  I applaud them for this.  

The following few paragraphs do contain mild spoilers for the show 

Alice Mad in Gotham

Credit to: The CW

We get a glimpse into the mind of Alice, once more, without learning much about her plans.  The episode begins with her getting a message from Safiyah which she seems to be worried about but also not phased as much as she should be.  She is of course up to another scheme, but you’ll have to watch the show to find out more about what she is up to this time.  Due to the disappearance of her sister, she also later confronts her father and Mary. 

Meanwhile over at Team Batwoman, they have moved on from last week’s events with Tommy Elliot and are now focused on how to move forward without Kate.  Mary and Luke differ in their opinions about Ryan taking over for Batwoman, as does Ryan herself.  In true DC Television fashion, however, they must work together to solve the problem of the week.  While dealing with Gotham’s problems Commander Kane and Sophie also  learn the truth behind Kate Kane’s secret and must face the realities of that knowledge.  

Credit to: The CW

A New Hero Arises

While the team tries to frantically decide what to do about Alice, Ryan must once again put on the suit to help Team Batwoman, and Gotham.  Without spoiling the episode, we get to see the unfamiliarity she has with Batwoman’s gadgets and suit, but also her combat experience. I must say it was quite a site and will leave Batwoman fans quite excited.  All of these events lead Ryan to decide that she can be the hero Gotham needs, at least until Kate Kane returns. As far as what craziness the rest of the episode brings, you have to watch to find out!

I can’t review this episode, however, without saying that DCTV shows have had a format they follow for quite some time now. Batwoman is similar in that aspect.  There’s always a big spectacle when a suit is revealed, always a team behind the cape, and always flashbacks and voiceovers.  Some of these elements work, but it makes certain aspects of the show very predictable.

The Flashback Sce

I am growing tired of the flashback routines. The CW has been around for awhile now. These shows follow a similar formula to one another, and it’s high time for them to refresh that formula. You can only see the same story so many times.  In addition to that, the voiceovers and flashbacks pertaining to Kate Kane’s character have me distracted because they are not voiced by Ruby Rose.

I did enjoy these first two episodes.  The show managed to keep the integrity of what they began last season, even with the transition of a new lead. The show succeeds at creating a dark world, which is beneficial to any show about Gotham, especially post-Oliver Queen and Arrow. Team Batwoman is also diverse and will allow for different audiences to feel included in this journey.  As for what else this season holds, we shall see, but I do think we are in for quite a crazy ride! How could it not be with someone like Alice wreaking havoc for Batwoman and Gotham?  

Credit to: The CW

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