Story Synopsis: Thor: God Of Thunder

Thor battles a creature who has made killing Gods its sole purpose in this week’s Comic Rewind, Thor: God Of Thunder by Jason Aaron Vol. 1.

Thor heard the prayer of a desert planet for rain and answered their call.  When he asked why they didn’t pray to their own Gods he learned a shocking truth.  They had no Gods to pray to.  Thor investigated the home of that world’s Gods and saw them all murdered.  This made  him think back to something which happened a 1000 years ago.  Only one person could have done this.  Gorr the God Butcher.

Thor God Of Thunder

Back in Iceland in 893 C.E. Thor first fought Gorr and almost lost his life.  Thor fought him again in the present and again in the future as King Thor.  Each time he barely survived each encounter.  However, what if all three Thors team up?  Can their combined force kill Gorr?

Thor: God Of Thunder by Jason Aaron Vol. 1 was written by Jason Aaron with art by Butch Guice and Esad Ribic.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2019.

Thor’s Role As A God

I have been on a real binge of Marvel movies as of late.  This got me thinking about when was the last time I’ve read a Thor comic.  I read this years ago and remember absolutely loving it.  This time around it was just as good.

Something which I found really interesting this comic brought up was the role of Gods.  They have a great deal of power, but don’t always use that power for good or to answer prayers.  The worshipping of “the wrong God” also causes wars.  Therefore wouldn’t the world be better without Gods?  That is what Gorr thought.

Gorr’s wife and son died even though he prayed for them everyday.  He took a new found power and decided to kill all Gods.  One by one he killed them all or enslaved them.  However, one proved to be troublesome and was the only one to ever be a challenge for Gorr.  A little God of Thunder from some blue planet called Earth.  That God was named Thor.

Thor God Of Thunder

Thor Going Toe-To-Toe And Losing?

Thor always comes in and wreaks everyone and everything who stands in his way.  If Thor struggles with an opponent it is usually because they trick, outsmart or use magic on him.  It is interesting to see Thor go toe-to-toe with someone and utterly get his butt kicked.

I also liked seeing the three Thors and seeing how he had matured over his lifetime.  Young Thor wasn’t even worthy of Mjolnir yet and wields a badass axe named Jarnbjorn.  King Thor is so gruff and grumpy.  The dynamic and the way they talk to each other was pretty great too.

If you are looking for a badass Thor comic or just a badass comic in general then this is a great choice.  After reading this I want to read more Thor comics and soon.



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