This week’s Future State titles brings up Aquaman 2. It’s amazing how much the persona and image of Aquaman has changed over the years. He used to be the most maligned and made fun of heroes in DC and all of comics. Today, thanks to some nice rewrites, reboots and Jason Mamoa, the Aquaman name now garners quite a bit of respect. Yara Flor easily jumps out as the top new name from the Future State heroes, but in my book, Andy and Jackson come in a solid second.

Something about this title really draws me in. DC announced Yara has her own book coming in May. I would really like to see Andy and Jackson get their own story as well. Something about the chemistry and spunk of these two really stands out. Their powers would also draw a lot of attention from story writers as well, especially Andy’s.

Aquaman 2 – Survival

This series really boils down to a story about survival. With Andy and Jackson lost in the ocean of the universe over 6 years, they both had to overcome a great deal. To save Jackson, Andy even cut off her own leg. I guess it runs in the family. Daddy loses a hand. She loses a leg. I wonder if they are related to the Skywalkers at all.

I have no idea what a glimmerfish is, but they are both mesmerizing and annoying as hell. Andy commands them to help her, and one of the glimmerfish transforms into her missing foot. This is both cool and unsettling. Her father, Arthur, could talk with the sea life, but Andy commands it. Such a power begs for abuse and temptation, making it a great story plot in an ongoing title.

She swears to the other fish she will return their brother, but that’s the one thing left ambiguous with this title. We never see if she actually keeps her promise, or if the glimmerfish even survived the trip back to their Earth.

Aquaman 2 – Lessons

The first issue centered on Jackson and his problems as a prisoner. This issue follows Andy’s fight to survive. Through her trials, she recalls all of the lessons Jackson taught her: hunting, de-escalation, throw hands, perseverance, retreat, patience. She puts all these things into practice and survives the unknown alone. I really like the way they laid this out. They show the past where she learned it, and then the present where she puts it into practice.

Then we finally learn why Andy and Jackson are being dragged through the Confluence to begin with. Andy power of will and control over marine life somehow gave her power over the Confluence as well. Again this type of power and Andy learning to control it would lend itself well to a new series.

Andy seems to be raw power. She possesses a power greater than any other water dweller, and if abused could lead her down a dark path, but then there’s Jackson. Jackson is the voice of reason and tempers Andy’s raw power and uncontrolled will. Yet through all this, Andy remains young and fragile. Her character could travel quite the journey if given the chance.

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