This issue picks up after the events of “Leviathan Rising.” While everyone is asking, “who is Leviathan,” the secret invisible mafia plans to take advantage of a distracted Superman.  There are a lot of moving pieces in this Action Comics Issue 1012, which expands on the story and sets in motion for a thrilling climax.

The issue brings back Rose and Thorn. She has red hair and ability to control plants, but should not be confused with Poison Ivy. Rose and Thorn are two personalities of Rose Forrest. Rose has been acting as an aggressive vigilante taking on the criminals Superman hasn’t noticed, and actually calls it sexist.

We might even get a hint at Robinson Goode’s (mist) weakness.

Superman not the center of Action Comics Issue 1012

Superman doesn’t have the main role. He’s talked about, viewed on monitors, and briefly appears to tell Lois that he needs to leave the planet for a bit. Superman does play a meta joke on Lois that I really appreciated. There’s also a story at the Daily Planet about Superman, and I’m curious to see how it plays on in future issues.

Action Comics Issue 1012

In conclusion, most of Action Comics Issue 1012 is introducing conflicts, characters and set up. It’s is definitely worth picking up if you’re interested in where Bendis’s plot is moving. It may not have the Pow Bam of a Superman comic. A lot of things happen that you will need to know as the story moves forward.

Action Comics Issue 1012

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis

Artist – Szymon Kudranski