It’s a Buddy Flick

Directors Anna Bolden and Ryan Fleck let it drop that the upcoming Captain Marvel film will have a “buddy cop” vibe akin to such 80’s buddy films like Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours. Considering the grittiness of these two films, that appears somewhat questionable albeit something to hope for if true. The 80’s were known for iconic buddy combos and a 90’s film “Last Action Hero” poked fun of the genre. Still, it’s a vibe we would enthusiastically espouse if the chemistry meshes well. Samuel L Jackson has shown a propensity for working well with other actors and appeared to mesh very well with such actors as Bruce Willis (Unbreakable and Die Hard 3), John Travolta (Pulp Fiction), and Kevin Spacey (The Negotiator). Therefore, it’s fair to say he’ll do a fine job once again. It was somewhat of a surprise to hear the directors compare the upcoming film to buddy cop fair when the comic history of Ms. Danvers does not echo the relationship, and the trailers only faintly hinted that the Fury-Danvers relationship would be that prominent. Rather, it appeared that much of the upcoming film would focus on the space exploits (Kree and Skrulls) of Captain Marvel and her mentor, Mar-Vell, to be played by Jude Law. Whatever questions we have fan faith in the MCU library of films is high and we most certainly will be there on opening night hoping for an epic time.


Surprise Cameo?

Also, in their interview the directors let it drop that a certain Avenger may pay Captain Marvel a visit in the upcoming film. Well, not in so many words, but Fleck commented, “And Tony Stark hasn’t figured out how to become Iron Man yet, so…” Are we to anticipate a younger Tony Stark in the film? But why stop there? What other Avengers could possibly drop by and surprise us? Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Hawkeye could feasibly also be around, correct? Maybe T’Challa’s father as the Black Panther? Obviously, this is nothing more than high speculation and it would be difficult to imagine how any would fit in a story about Ms. Danvers. How about y’all, dear readers? Any speculative ideas on Captain Marvel?