[Warning: Article contains minor spoilers for The Expanse #3.] Now that the Season 5 finale has come and gone, fans of The Expanse are looking for things to help bide their time until Season 6 arrives next year. Many are turning (or returning) to the source-material novels. If you’re not reading the new, limited, comic book series from Boom! Studios, however, you are definitely missing out. The series follows Avasarala and Bobbie Draper as they work to uncover the true goal of the black market for Martian tech. In this issue, they come closer than ever before to discovering the truth.           

The expanse
Image: Boom! Studios

The Expanse #3 kicks off with Avasarala in distress, desperately reaching out to Bobbie for help. Though Bobbie can’t reach her, she arranges the aid the former Secretary General needs. Avasarala obviously survives, and chides herself for allowing herself to be so easily manipulated in the first place. Bobbie, however….

The Expanse #3: All about Bobbie

“Bobbie has fallen for the same bait that has taken down so many before her, but have her enemies trapped her… or are they trapped with her? Meanwhile, Avasarala has been left for dead…and her last hope is a distress call traveling across the stars quickly enough….”

Bobbie is as strong-willed as ever in The Expanse #3, which isn’t always a good thing. Her determination lands her in jail on unknown charges. As mysteriously as she’s arrested, she’s also released, and that’s where the fun begins. Retrieving her power armor, Bobbie sets off to a hangar where Kal had brought her earlier. There she discovers that, as Avasarala warned her, things that seem too good to be true usually are. In fact, things are not as they seem at all. Bobbie makes a shocking discovery that will likely lead into the exciting conclusion of the limited series in Issue #4!

Once again this series gives us Bobbie Draper as we’ve never seen her (in the Amazon Studios series, at least). The bond between Bobbie and Avasarala continues to grow, making their relationship in the series all the more meaningful. The Expanse #3 is on sale now. For our reviews of Issues #1 and #2, see the links below.