We find our Rangers and Drakkon teleported to some sort of world that looks like Angel Grove but almost like the World of the Coinless. But that exists in another dimension! So where in the Morphin Grid are we?

Home Sweet House Arrest

This Planet was Drakkon’s was his jail! Provided by the Emissaries using the power of the Morphin Grid. During his time in his cell, as time never changed, he had free reign to construct a world in his image. So he did make his version of a utopian society in his image as the glorious ruler.

Attack from the Jail Keepers

Rather than attack Drakkon for escaping. The spirit animals, also constructed by the emissaries and Morphin grid, that resemble the Thunderzords pounce and attack the Omega’s as they shouldn’t have broken INTO jail! Obviously, Zack is scared silly because of his fear of cats, and here comes a 15 story white tiger wanting to play tag!

In all the excitement our team splits up and Jason loses sight of Drakkon. But in return falls in a diner (the juice bar) and comes across the stone-cold pieces of the Red Emissary, shattered. Trini and Zack come across what seems to be a government building full of robot forms of Drakkon’s Sentries. cobbled together from what he could find. including a robot version of Finster-5. This would give anyone the heebie-jeebies! Drakkon catches them off guard and smashes his toys still using all that famous Tommy Kiais sounds……. Wow! zzz!

Eventually, the rangers do get off the jail planet with the pieces in tow. Xi reconstructs the puzzle but finds one fragment missing. The rangers change their objective. Now they are going to chase after the Empyreals using Emissary energy as their beacon.

Morphin’ Thoughts

This issue wasn’t about the jail that Drakkon constructed. More so the mental torment he went thru being the only person around. No wonder he’s mad not from power but from being abandoned. I’m not giving him a pass but this shows that Drakkon at the end of the day is still somewhat human.

Covers that

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