So when’s the last time that a big spoiler has been confirmed by toys? Usually it’s LEGO sets that are doing the spoiling of certain moments in movies. This time, it’s the MiniMates line of toys for WandaVision. Not so fast however. From a cursory look about the packaging, things are off.


There’s a lot to unpack here for people who are thinking this is real. One, Disney is REALLY good at not letting things get spoiled by themselves. Sure, there are people outside of the company who like spoiling things about WandaVision (don’t look them up and give the idiots any credence). But Disney and Marvel wouldn’t purposefully spoil their own product beforehand. So that’s the first big waving red flag about this.

Second, why would a product involving WandaVision not call Wanda, “Wanda” on the package? Third, that Avengers logo, this isn’t an Avengers show. Fourth, The Disney+ logo wouldn’t be on a toy package and the logo is off. Fifth, They would use the Marvel Studios Logo for the toy, not just the normal Marvel logo.

That’s a massive amount of evidence against this being real. Now, we might actually still get Mephisto on the show, but it’ll have to wait until we actually see it, not from this toy spoiler. So to the people out there trying to pass this off as real, try a bit harder next time.

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