You know My Hero Academia is getting really good when even promos for the next chapter get this much attention. It’s not even much of a promo, but people are just that hyped.

What is that: one, maybe two sentences?

The teaser for Ch. 298 of My Hero Academia comes to us courtesy of Twitter user @aitaikimochi. Said teaser just reads: “The fight is over but…What will the heroes do then!? [sic]”. It’s not a very long teaser, admittedly. It’s also a bit vague, but it’s all we got.

My Hero Academia: The Aftermath?

Warning: spoilers for the latest chapters of My Hero Academia up to Ch. 297. Ye be warned.

Dark and gritty-looking My Hero Academia poster.
What will our war-torn heroes do now?

Now that the War arc of My Hero Academia is over, it should be that our heroes of Class 1-A can rest now, right? Well, not from what we can guess from that teaser. And to be fair, it’s actually pretty realistic. I mean, all of our heroes are now basically veterans who’ve fought in a pretty devastating war. They’ve seen a lot more than what kids their age should be seeing, and they’ve lost good friends too. After all that, any time to stop and reflect on their actions might result in them actually doing just that. Can you all say: “PTSD”?

PTSD Chihuahua.
I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of Class 1-A gets this look on their faces.

And this is before the kids get the news about that whole prison break that occurs in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Needless to say, PTSD will probably come back in full force for them. Especially since many of the villains Class 1-A helped put behind bars will likely come back for Round Two.


A very helpful Twitter user has just posted an official teaser for Ch. 298 of My Hero Academia. Said teaser hints that the aftermath of the recent chapters will hit our heroes of Class 1-A pretty hard. And based on the latest chapter, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Source: Twitter