One Piece‘s mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, announces in the most recent chapter that he wants to get to Ch. 1000 before the year is out. Judging from the facts, this is entirely plausible.

The titans of One Piece collide.
Clash of the Titans: Wano Style

In the latest chapter of One Piece, shown in Weekly Shonen Jump, Eiichiro Oda gives us readers a big announcement. Unfortunately, this announcement is in the author’s note, which is apparently only in the Japanese edition. It seems that for whatever reason, the translators at Viz Media decided that we English readers don’t want to read the author’s notes. Thus, we’ll just have to go on faith that Eiichiro Oda said he wants to release Ch. 1000 before the start of 2021.

Heading to Ch. 1000 One Piece at a Time

The Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece in Wano.
Luffy has faith. How about you?

To be fair, reaching Ch. 1000 before the start of next year is an entirely doable proposition for Eiichiro Oda. Especially since One Piece is currently at Ch. 991 on Weekly Shonen Jump. Yes, you heard that right. There’s only 9 chapters to go before One Piece hits that magical 1000 number that Eiichiro Oda hopes to reach. With so few chapters to go, even if he and his assistants take breaks every few weeks like they plan to do, it’s entirely possible for them to release Ch. 1000 before that new year’s bell starts ringing in Japan.

As for what’s coming to One Piece on Ch. 1000: your guess is as good as mine’s. It’s obviously going to be something pretty special though. Perhaps a brief extra at the beginning that shows the Straw Hat Pirates celebrating New Year, Wano-style? Or perhaps the Wano arc will reach its climax on that fabled chapter? Whatever ends up being the case, it’s likely going to be pretty special.


Eiichiro Oda wants One Piece to hit Ch. 1000 before the New Year starts. Let’s cheer him and his assistants on as they strive to reach that magic number. It’ll be quite the treat for us over Christmas week, and maybe then Oda and his assistants can enjoy a nice long break afterwards.

Source: ComicBook