WARNING: Spoilers for My Hero Academia issues #273

Since the stepping down of Toshinori Yagi, aka, All Might. Enji Todoroki, aka, Endeavor has taken the role of number one hero. A goal he was strived for ever since becoming a hero. His carrier, however, may be short-lived as the latest issue of My Hero Academia sets up a fight that may be Endeavor’s final battle.

Endeavor charges in to face down Tomura

Right now the series is in the middle of what is known as the Paranormal Liberation War Arch. Which is perhaps the series biggest arch so far. Has now come down to a clash between Endeavor and Tomura Shigaraki. The inheritor of All for One and arguably the most powerful villain in the series.

Tomura Will Win Against Endeavor

The laws of writing mean that it is all but impossible for Tomura to lose the fight with Endeavor. As the inheritor of All for One and the series current main villain Tomura is destined to eventually fight Deku at some point. Not to mention the massive power boost that Tomura received from fully embracing One for All. In all likelihood, this isn’t even Tomura’s final form.

After watching enough manga one begins to recognize patterns. In many ways, the current fight is similar to Vegeta’s fight against Frieza on Namek. A cold, cocky, borderline anti-hero who happens to be the series strongest character. Is suddenly staring down the series main villain. Confident that his overwhelming power will allow him to win even though the villain has just gained a massive power boost. We all know how that fight turned out.

There is no question that the upcoming chapter will fully show off what the new Tomura is capable of and that Endeavor will have to pull out every trick he has just to survive. The question is will it be enough? Or will Endeavor suffer the same fate as the prince of Saiyans?

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