Actor and comedian, Josh Gad, launched a YouTube program called Reunited Apart.  His favorite focus comes from the 80’s where he reunited via streaming casts from Back to the Future, The Goonies and more.  This past Sunday, Gad reunited the fellowship from Lord of the RingsWhat an interaction it was!

Gad Reunites the Fellowship: The Entire Cast!

cast joining in
Some of the Cast

Reuniting casts can sometimes backfire.  You always have that one or two actors that hate coming back and talking about the movie.  They have moved on and do not care.  Gad did a Zoom call with 17 people all said and done and each one only fed the frivolity and humor more than the last.  In fact, the way Gad introduced the cast reminded me of the scene in The Hobbit where Gandalf introduces the dwarves to Beorn

He began with Sean Astin (Samwise), who then led into Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), who then led into Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd (Merry and Pippen). When all was said and done the broadcast was joined by Gandalf, Eowen, Eomer, Arwyn, Legolas, Boromir, Gimly, Gollum, Howard Shore (composer), Peter Jackson/Phillipa Boyens (director/writer), and Bernard Hill at the very end. Bilbo could not make it so Josh read a letter from actor Ian Holm, and Taika Waititi dropped by for some trivia.

Gad Reunites the Fellowship: Behind the Scenes

The cast seemed very excited to see everyone as they joined. This felt like the first time the cast reunited in a large number since the film. Those that played hobbits and Sir Ian McKellan also showed off their matching tattoos.

When Viggo Mortensen joined, Jackson shared the story of how Viggo was actually a recast and he had one days work to prove he was the right actor for the role. Luckily, according to Jackson, the shooting for the day centered on the fight atop Weathertop and not some boring exposition scene. Viggo obviously stole the role.

Another funny behind the scenes story dealt with Sean Bean during the council meeting to decide the fate of the ring. Sean did not get his lines until the night before. The scene also created the most famous meme from LotR: “One does not simply walk into Mordor.” Sean lacked the needed time to memorize the new lines, so he improvised. Jackson tells us Sean taped his speech to his leg, so all of Boromir’s dramatic pauses where he looks down, he is actually reading his lines off his leg.

Gad Reunites the Fellowship: The Fun Things

Andy Serkis and Peter Jackson talked about the creation of Gollum. When John Rhys-Davies joined the crew, he donned Gimli’s signature helmet, which triggered a mad grasp by the cast to show off pilfered set items. Davies also used the helmet during script reads as well as tilting the camera up. Davies and Bloom read the lines for the scene where Legolas asks if Gimli wants a description or a box.

Gimli trying to look
Would you like a box?

In fact, When the topic of Davies came up, Bloom spilled the beans about a habit of Davies. No matter where they went, by drive or chopper, John HAD to have his Lazy-Boy recliner shipped with them.

The crew went on to read lines from the film, adding their own spin on them until Billy Boyd sang ‘Edge of Night’ from The Two Towers as they signed off; However, as they began to sign off Dominic began a Russian Roulette commentary as the actors dropped off. When it became Davies turn, he donned his trademark Sallah hat and muttered the Phrase ‘Bad Dates’.

Gad Reunites the Fellowship: Wrap Up

As the last actors sign off, Bernard Hill, who played King Theodin comes on and apologizes for being late. He is the only one there.

For you Lord of the Rings fans, this really is a must watch. It was so nice to not only see the cast, but enjoy their interactions and genuine warmth towards each other. As Liv Tyler said, it makes one hunger for more.

Check out Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart for this show and other movie reunions. In fact next week, a heavy handed hint indicated the movie will be none other than Ghostbusters!