Turns out, the team that helped launch the PS5 is getting some nice rewards for their work. Very nice, indeed. You could say that they now have bling.

The only picture of the shiny DualSense controller for now.
If it had a voice, it would be singing about how shiny it is.

As you can see, Sony has really blinged out these PS5 DualSense controllers. The usual plastic black-colored bottom plate has been replaced by a metallic gold-colored version. I’m not sure if the gold is actually gold plating or if it’s just gold-colored. Odds are though, it’s likely the latter. They’ve also emblazoned the words “PS5 Launch Team” on the left-hand handle of the controller. It’s nice to see all their efforts rewarded and recognized like this.

PS5 DualSense Controller: The Shiny Edition?

So when are we also getting this Shiny Bling DualSense controller, you might ask? Sadly, it looks like the answer is “Never”. Sony is only making these controllers specially for the PS5 Launch Team, to commemorate their work. It’d cheapen the occasion if Sony decides to mass-produce it to sell to the public.

The vanilla PS5 controller.
Normal DualSense: “I wish I could be that shiny.”

The idea of alternate color schemes for the PS5’s DualSense controller isn’t new though. Everyone is pretty bored with the controller’s normal white-on-black colors. It’s why there are so many fan-made designs for alternate color schemes. There are some pretty simple versions:

Some simple fan-made alternate color DualSense controller.
Basically the grilled cheese sandwich versions.

And then you get some pretty wild versions of the DualSense controller. Many of them incorporate designs that would require some serious licensing for Sony to make. Examples include:

An Eva-01 Unit-themed DualSense controller.
A Cruel Angel’s DualSense?
A Spider-Man-themed DualSense controller.
Arguably the most possible design here.

Unfortunately, we have no word from Sony if they’ll ever make any of these designs. Eventually though, they’ll have to realize that everyone’s bored of the normal DualSense color scheme. Maybe then, they’ll start releasing controllers like these. Fingers crossed, people.


Sony is rewarding their PS5 launch team with some blinged-out DualSense controllers, among other swag. It’s only for the launch team though. We’ll just have to wait a while before Sony even thinks of making other color schemes for their normal controllers.

Source: GamesRadar+