Berserk is getting an art exhibit in Japan! Well, it was. Until COVID-19 struck yet again.

COVID-19 is a monster even Guts can’t slay.

The “Great Berserk Exhibit” was originally going to premier at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City complex. It was supposed to last from January 30, 2021 to February 15, featuring art exhibits from various parts of Berserk. Unfortunately, according to the Great Berserk Exhibit’s own website, the Japanese government has postponed the entire exhibit indefinitely. Their reason being the state of emergency that they recently declared over the new surge in COVID-19.

The website gives no word of a new opening date, but they promise to inform us as soon as they decide on the new date. Unfortunately, the Great Berserk Exhibit also informs us that all the tickets everyone bought for the event will be unusable for the rescheduled one. They’re making refunds available at Sunshine City complex where the exhibit was originally happening, so that’s good, at least.

What The Great Berserk Exhibit Was Going To Be About

The main "hero" of Berserk: Guts.
Sorry, Guts. A big sword isn’t going to help this time.

The Great Berserk Exhibit was originally going to feature various art exhibits depicting various points of the Berserk story. The exhibit had actually released some previews of what they were going to showcase. They should look familiar to fans of the manga/anime.

A sculpture of Rosine from Berserk.
Huh, creepy moth thing.
A close-up of the Rosine sculture from Berserk.
And there’s a person in there. Well, doesn’t that complete the picture?
Some creepy necklace, presumably from Berserk.
I have no idea what that is, but it’s already creepy.

It’s not just Berserk sculptures the exhibit planned to depict either. They’d also apparently planned to sell merchandise based off of items and stuff from the series too. Including some very neat and creepy rings, earrings, pins, etc.. Unfortunately, it’s all now going to have to wait for another day.

A nice silver skull ring from Berserk.
Murray? Is that you?
Same silver skull ring on an actual finger.
You look very pretty as a ring.
Some nice shiny earrings.
Okay, not Murray.


The Japanese government has indefinitely postponed the Great Berserk Exhibit due to COVID-19. We have no information on when it will open up again, but the website assures us that they will inform us as soon as they get the rescheduling done. If you were a big fan of the manga/anime and were planning on travelling to Japan to see it, you might want to wait a bit, for many reasons.

Source: Dai Berserk Ten