StarGirl is a home-run! Its only fitting that we talk about the weapons used in the new series from the CW. Only three episodes have aired but there is so much to talk about. Today, we’ll discuss everything that the JSA (Justice Society of America) uses in battle & also everything that the ISA (Injustice Society of America) uses. Check out some of the crazy weapons seen on the show and in the comics!

The Cosmic Staff

The Cosmic Staff used first by Starman and invented by Ted Knight. It absorbed stellar energy and can do a variety of powers for the person that wields it. It’s also able to do Flight, Energy blasts, a limited force field, and intensive heat and light.

The Wand

The Wand is used by The Wizard who is apart of the “ISA”. The wand puts out a energy projection blast to fight against its enemies.



Although Thunderbolt in the comics is a somewhat transparent genie, in the show it is a pink ball point pen. A ball point pen that gives off an electrical charge and seems to be conscious. We can only hope to see the genie come out in future episodes.


A manually operated robot made from car parts built by Pat, this is more than just a robot (sidekick to StarMan and now StarGirl). It had a rocket launcher fist that packs a punch. S.T.R.I.P.E has the ability to fly via boosters on its feet also blinding lights. Pat operates S.T.R.I.P.E manually when fighting with StarGirl.

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Pictures courtesy of CW and DC