Last time on Mighty Morphin our intrepid heroes alongside the new Green Ranger had their hands full with these new chaos-energy-filled putties!

You can see that unlike the regular putties these henchmen are way OP. and this time have a leader, an alpha so to speak! I feel bad that their day out to see the koalas!

All the chaos energy is making it impossible for this fight to continue for anyone. Especially after the Alpha takes down Adam and that will be felt in the later pages!

Meanwhile in Young Zordon’s journey

In these first 3 pages, we see that Zordon’s reasons for being one of the guardians are not from a sense of upholding a family tradition. Rather an obligation to serve the greater good. But that only seems temporary while on one of his first assignments he starts to get homesick.

Cover me like Spandex!

Don’t Forget what’s next

The next issue is going to finally reveal the New Green Rangers identity. We started seeing the development in the previous run with Billy working alongside Grace using the Psycho Green Dagger as a power source to recharge the Dragon Coin. Make sure you are caught up on the issues leading up to this. This is going to shake up the Mighty Morphin dynamic and really get this era of UNLIMITED POWER rolling.

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