The Master just turned 50.

That is to say, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first TV appearance on Doctor Who. (We don’t know how old the tricky Time Lord really is, but it’s definitely older than 50.)

Roger Delgado first appeared as the Master in the 1971 serial “Terror of the Autons.” Fans have been obsessed with the character ever since.

To celebrate 50 years of the Master, Big Finish just released Masterful. This epic story brings together at least 8 incarnations of the character. Check out the description from Big Finish below.

The Master’s finally done it. He’s won. He summons his other selves to a celebration of his ultimate victory. And they come – from across time and dimensions. But he’s forgotten to invite someone. And Missy’s not happy. 

Has the Master really conquered the universe? Or has something more awful been unleashed? Something that even all the Masters cannot stop? 

Missy is determined to reveal the truth. Because one fact about the Master’s existence never changes.  

No-one can trust the Master. Not even the Master.

The anniversary celebration of the character includes modern iterations of the Master from Doctor Who’s current TV run (John Simm and Michelle Gomez). Plus, a ton of Masters from Big Finish audios, including Geoffrey Beavers, Mark Gatiss, and Alex Macqueen. You’ll also hear Derek Jacobi (a prolific Big Finish Master, and Professor Yana from the TV series) and even Eric Roberts (the Doctor Who movie Master).

Cover photo for Big Finish's 'Masterful' featuring different actors who portray the Master

In addition to the basic Masterful story audio, you can get a huge CD collection with even more content to celebrate the Master’s 50th anniversary. Check out everything included in the 8-disc collector’s set:

Masterful (Limited Edition)

  • Masterful by James Goss, the 50th anniversary special story
  • Doctor Who – Short Trips: I Am The Master by Geoffrey Beevers
  • Short Trips: The Switching by Simon Guerrier 
  • Doctor Who: Terror of the Master by Trevor Baxendale, a brand new narrated audiobook featuring the Third Doctor, the Master and UNIT
  • Masterful behind-the-scenes bonus content

So, are you excited to celebrate the Master’s 50th anniversary with Masterful? Which regeneration of the Master is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Big Finish