Some very enterprising people managed to data mine Super Nintendo World’s mobile app in Japan. Through this data mining, they’ve managed to find out something nice. It seems that the rumored Donkey Kong expansion will be coming to the theme park sometime in the future.

Aww, why does Japan get all the good stuff?

We’ve got Twitter user @KRoolKountry to thank for this Super Nintendo World leak. As you can see, we’ve got some very nice stickers, with Donkey Kong Country as the central theme. Donkey Kong himself and his nephew Diddy Kong feature prominently on these stickers. Unfortunately, we see no other characters from the Donkey Kong franchise featured anywhere. No sign of Cranky Kong, Candy Kong, or even King K. Rool. Hopefully, Universal Studios will add them in once they actually get around to building this Donkey Kong expansion.

Donk, Donk, Don-Key Kong! (Whoo-hoo!)

Donkey Kong sticker designs from Super Nintendo World's mobile app.
Hmm, wouldn’t mind collecting these stickers.

For those of you who have no idea what I’ve been talking about: you’re in for a treat. A while back, Nintendo entered into a contract with Universal Parks & Resorts to build a Nintendo-themed park simple called Super Nintendo World. The resort prominently features the Mushroom Kingdom, including Peach’s and Bowser’s castles, but there are rumors about plans to expand the park to include other Nintendo franchises, such as the aforementioned Donkey Kong. We have no idea when or if these expansions will take place, so we’ll just have to be content with Mario for the moment. Which, frankly speaking, is more than enough for me if the park looks as good as it does.

A shot of Super Nintendo World, complete but not yet open.
Good enough for me. Let’s a go!

At the moment though, Super Nintendo World is only available at Universal Studios Japan. Their planned opening date is February 4, 2021; but it’s unclear how many people will attend thanks to that darned COVID-19. Universal had plans to bring Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Hollywood in California, Universal’s Epic Universe in Orlando, Florida; and Universal Studios Singapore. Sadly, COVID-19 will likely delay that introduction as well. It’s already delayed the construction of Universal’s Epic Universe, with the whole park being delayed indefinitely. So yeah, we won’t be seeing Super Nintendo World in the US for a while.

A sad Mario against Super Nintendo World.
Sad Mario is very sad.


Some very clever dataminers have discovered sticker designs prominently featuring Donkey Kong Country in Super Nintendo World’s mobile app in Japan. This seems to suggest that the rumored Donkey Kong expansion attraction is only a short-ish time away. It’s too bad that we in the US won’t see any of this for a long, long while. Not until this whole COVID-19 pandemic blows over. If it ever does.

Source: Twitter