The Office is moving, well, offices for the New Year on December 31, 2020. They’ll be changing their environment from Netflix to Peacock. Hopefully, this means more people will be able to watch the show.

The Office cast from season 1.
Ah, I see that they even have the appropriate decorations in the back. Maybe just a tad late though.

The Office originally aired on NBC. NBCUniversal launched its own streaming service, Peacock, earlier this year on July 15, 2020. Thus, it’s not surprising that they’d want to grab the very popular sitcom back from Netflix. They’re certainly not planning to give it back to Netflix anytime soon.

*Breath in*
They should’ve just called it Seagull instead.

The Office is Mine, Mine I Tell You!

A little sample of The Office, for your enjoyment.

Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost if you have any desire to watch The Office. In fact, if you’ve never subscribed to either Netflix or Peacock, you might just have your hope return to you. You don’t have to sign up for Netflix’s minimum $8.99 a month plan if you don’t want to. Instead, you can now sign up for Peacock’s free plan. That’s right, completely free. This, in my opinion, is what makes Peacock the better streaming service.

Peacock's logo.
Because free is always better.

Granted, there is one catch. You can only watch the first and second seasons of The Office for free on Peacock. You have to upgrade to the premium plan to watch all nine seasons of the show. Even with the one-week free trial, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to be able to watch all nine seasons in seven days. Fortunately, Peacock has Netflix beat there too. Peacock’s premium plan costs $4.99 a month if you’re willing to stomach ads, and $9.99 a month if you aren’t. Overall, Peacock is cheaper than Netflix, and cheaper is usually better, in my opinion.


The Office is making the move to Peacock on December 31, 2020; and it’s not going to come back to Netflix anytime soon. Fortunately, Peacock is much cheaper than Netflix, so this might be a good thing here if you plan on streaming anything. At the very least, you might be able to save on money for the New Year if you want to enjoy The Office.

Source: Comic Book