It seems that Resident Evil is getting one step closer to that reboot fans have been waiting for. Especially with Sony Pictures announcing on Twitter that they’ve just finished the filming for it.

Hmm, darkened room? Check. Horror movie set confirmed.

Included in this Resident Evil announcement is a rather odd picture. There are two rather prominent items in this picture. One is a clapperboard paused at 18:44:12:10, and with camera angle 175, Scene A4, and Take 1 written on it. Below those numbers are the Resident Evil film’s logo (complete with little Umbrella Corp. symbols on either side), and director Johannes Roberts and director of photography Maxime Alexandre’s names below that.

Resident Evil reboot director.
Johannes Roberts himself.
Resident Evil reboot director of photography.
Maxime Alexandre in black and white.

The other prominent item in this Resident Evil announcement is a rather old-fashioned television set. This TV looks to be one of the old ones that used cathode ray tubes. This places the reboot’s timeline roughly in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Either that, or the TV’s owner just really likes old TVs. The TV is currently showing nothing but static, which doesn’t tell us much. The screen also seems to be partially shadowed by something, but we can’t tell what it is from this angle.

Resident Evil: A Game of “I Spy”?

Resident Evil reboot announcement picture.
I spy with my little eye…

If you look very closely at this picture though, you can see little items scattered around the clapperboard and TV. On the far left, just poking out the left side of the picture, you can see some kind of green, leafy plant. In the original Resident Evil games, there was a “green herb” that functioned as a healing item. That little plant could be a nod to that feature. Although, I’m not certain if chowing down on a plant will save the protagonists from zombie bites.

Herbs: don't fool yourself, you're not getting healed; you're just getting high
At least you’ll feel good right up until you turn into a zombie.

There are other little items lying around in this Resident Evil announcement picture. There’s some kind of vase behind the clapperboard, with a white ribbon around it. There’s some kind of notice on the wall behind the vase, but the words are too blurry to make anything out. What appears to be a ceramic sombrero is sitting on top of the TV, but I’ve no idea what its significance is, if any. There’s also some kind of metal or plastic-backed folder below the TV in the desk, but that’s about it as far as this “I Spy” game goes.


Sony Pictures has just announced that the reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise has finished filming. Even better, the picture that came with the announcement seems to have at least one reference to the original games. It’s quite possible that this reboot will be more faithful to the games than the original franchise was.

The first "Resident Evil" film poster.
Resident Evil in name only.

At the very least, we know that Milla Jovovich will not be involved in this reboot in any way, so that might be good news.

Source: Sony Pictures