This is the way.

Simply put, a masterpiece of Star Wars.

That’s all I can say about Chapter 16 of The Mandalorian. For the people out there who want to complain about all that Disney has done for Star Wars. For every perceived wrong that they’ve made, this was all worth it. This singular episode of television encapsulates all that it is to love Star Wars.

From a young age we all imagine a moment similar to this. If you’ve read any of the extended universe/legends universe material, this is well treaded territory. They did it again. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni crafted a storyline over the course of this season and the season prior. All of it led up to this moment in space. It was fantastic through and through.

The Action Highlights But Also The Emotion

Like the entire second season, this episode was all about the action. It allowed for character development, but that really was where the previous Chapter was about. This was more to show us the mad dash rescue of Grogu, and the more ulterior motives of Bo-Katan. I’m guessing that’s really where season three is going to focus on. Will Mando become the rightful leader of Mandalore? That seems like an interesting plot point to me. From the gun fights to Boba Fett showing that even when he’s faking it, he’s the most badass pilot in the Galaxy.

We also got our first Darksaber vs. Beskar spear fight. That was a fight I wasn’t sure would live up to the billing. Moff Gideon certainly knows how to wield a saber. That fight was probably the most thrilling, but the entire episode was one non-stop thrill ride. We even got to see Sasha Banks DDT Boba Fett through a table.

But who am I kidding, this whole episode was all about the ending sequence. As soon as you saw a single classic X-Wing, we knew who it was going to be. Watching Luke tear through Dark Troopers like they were nothing was nothing short of jaw dropping. Even if the reveal was stretched out, seeing his young face one more time will never get old.

If You’d Like To Complain, The Door Is Over There

What would there be to complain about in this episode? Was it a little too easy for Luke? Probably not, he’s still the greatest Jedi the Force has ever known. The effects to de-age Luke Skywalker were a bit jarring to the rest of the episode. But you know what? Who cares. Because we got to see Luke Skywalker tear through a garrison of Dark Troopers. Imagine seeing that on your screens ten years ago. I would have told you that you’re crazy.

In The Mandalorian, anything is possible. Other than that, I’m pretty sure Bo-Katan got lit up by Moff Gideon, but was standing like nothing was wrong at the end. So we’ll have to see how that resolves itself. Outside of those minor, and I mean MINOR, quibbles, this episode was perfect.

The tearful goodbye at the end capped off the entire saga and season in a perfect, touching, way. Who knows what we’ll see out of Grogu for the rest of his time, but if this was it, it was perfect.

The Mandalorian Going Forward

If you watched through until the end of the credits, we were gifted with a scene of what’s to come. The Book of Boba Fett coming December 2021. While I won’t speculate on what’s to come, this might be the “season three” of The Mandalorian that we’re waiting for. I’d love to see more from our current Mando and the whole Darksaber storyline is still unresolved. So if it’s two shows, then the more the merrier. I’d just like to see more out of this character. But if this is truly the end for Din, then it was a hell of a ride and the rest of Star Wars future better thank him.

This is the way.

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