The Gallery season 2
Coming This Christmas!

This Friday we will enjoy, absorb and be totally blown away by the final episode of The Mandalorian‘s second season. Then we must wait a full year for it to return. The one bright spot we have known about would be The Gallery on Disney+. We knew it would return with more behind the scenes footage and directions on why things were done, but Disney just announced that the second season of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will release this Christmas, December 25th, with an hour long special!

One of the great experiences of Star Wars, especially with the prequels, came from being able to experience all of the behind the scenes extras. Bloopers, teasers, and production shots of the films as they were being worked on stoked the passion of the fans. Disney may have largely missed this boat with the sequels, but thanks to Disney+ they perfected this experience with The Gallery. If you have still not watched season 1 of The Gallery, you really need too. Over the course of 8 episodes it took viewers behind the scenes and devoted each episode to another topic. One would interview the actors, one the director, one for special effects, etc. To see what the Farvroni brothers (John Farveau, Dave Filoni) did with this series blew the mind, visually, conceptually and more!

The Gallery Coming This Christmas – Template For the Future

The episodes averaged around 30 minutes with some being more or less depending on the breadth of the topic. To start this second season off with an entire hour will be quite the treat. While it may not be quite as groundbreaking when it comes to the technical side of things, I am sure we will hear about the ideas and discussions. For instance, what was it was like to bring characters like Ahsoka to life or Boba back from the dead.

The Gallery continues the long tradition of behind the scenes footage in the Star Wars universe. For many these extras were major selling points to DVD sales. Eventually other studios began adding in their own extras until it became the staple it is today. When The Force Awakens released with no extras at all, many fans grew extremely upset by this. It appears Disney learned its lesson. Let’s hope future movies and streaming shows will receive this same treatment.

Hopefully, this season of The Gallery will last long enough to bridge the gap to all the new content confirmed at the last investors meeting. Disney+ may finally reach the potential fans hoped for before 2020 hit and derailed everything.

Get ready for an AWESOME Christmas present!