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Today was the annual video game awards ceremony. And one of the features biggest reveals of the night was the reveal of the new Smash Bros DLC. Which is none other than the one-winged angel himself, Sephiroth!

Cloud’s eternal rival will be coming to Smash Bros as the game’s 6th DLC character, and the game’s second Final Fantasy representative. Sephiroth will wield his iconic Masamune blade as he slices through Nintendo’s roster of characters.

Based on the reveal trailer Sephiroth’s main moves include a counter as his down B. Because of course it’s a counter. His normal B will be a short-range dark magic attack that latches onto the opponent and that he can cause to explode at any point. His side b will be throwing a small but powerful explosive ball that he can cause to explode. Exactly like Zelda’s Din fire.

Based on the trailer Sephiroth’s moveset seems to be very trap heavy. Outside of his sword his B moves seem to involve manipulating the oppoent in some way. Goading them into attack you and then hitting them with different kinds of counter abilties.

One Winger Angel Form

Shown off during the trailer Sephiroth will also have a comeback mechanic involving his one winged angel form. A comeback mechanic in Smash is where where a character enters some kind of powered up mode upon meeting certain requirements. Some examples of characters that have this mechanic include Little Mac’s KO meter, Cloud’s limit break, and Joker’s Arsene.

Finally Sephiroth’s ultimate Smash attack will involve changing into his final form from Final Fantasy 7. Safer∙Sephiroth.

In addition Sephiroth’s reveal was accominied by his iconic one winged angel theme song. Which is all but a garuntee the song will be included with the character. And in case you were wondering. Yes, Sephiroth has his glorious back dash.

Sephiroth will drop as a character this month. December 2020.