This is not photoshop. Steve is now in Smash Bros

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Minecraft “Steve” from, well, Minecraft, has officially joined Super Smash Bros. Revealed during a Smash specific Nintendo Direct, Sakurai blew everyone’s minds this morning. They revealed that Super Smash Ultimate‘s newest character would be Steve from the hit game Minecraft.

Based on the gameplay that was shown Steve will be similar to Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing. With his fighting style focused on construction and building. Steve’s regular attacks involve swinging his trusty pick-ax. He will also have the ability to craft other weapons such as his iconic diamond sword.

In terms of special and Smash attacks Steve, of course, has the ability to build brinks under him. Allowing him to litter the map and create structures.

Steve perfurs the air

Steve’s Abilties, Costumes, and Stage

This includes the ability to dig lava pits. To grapple opponents from a short distance and pull them into a spring. A down smash that creates an anvil. And the ability to create wings and fly. Steve’s Final Smash is him shoving the opponent into a dark room full of creepers, and allowing the creepers to have their way with him as the room blows up.

Steve won’t be the only Minecraft character joining the Super Smash fun. Steve will get multiple skins that allow players to play as different Minecraft characters. This includes the games female avatar Alexa. The game’s enemy Zombies, and even Slenderman.

All of Steven’s inculded alternate skins

The Minecraft addition will also come with its own unique Minecraft stage. Complete with Minecraft specific stage hazards such as moving minecarts

Also included are new Minecraft specific items. Also shown off during the direct was Minecraft dynamite that can be picked up and thrown at enemies. And Minecraft designed boxes.

The Rest of the Direct

Steve was not the only thing revealed at the Smash Direct. They also gave new info on previously announced games revealed recently in the recent Mario 35th Anniversary direct.

So, what do you think of the Minecraft Nintendo Direct announcement?