Critical Role’s new and revised Tal’dorei Campaign Setting Reborn releases on January 18th, 2022. We have some new info all about this fantastic book.

So, where we last left off with the book, we had gotten the official announcement of the book and some minor details about it. In addition, we now have some page spread images and some more art to share.

Page Spreads And New Art

Before we share the new art, we first have a few page spreads to share with you:

Art By Ameera Sheikh
Art By Zuzanna Wuzyk

The Art Pieces

We also got a lot of art for the book, some that were revealed during the original announcement. As well as a bunch of new ones that are being shown for the first time. Art pieces include:

Cartography By Andy Law
Art By Kent Davis
Art By Linda Lithen
Art By Cyarna Trim
Art By Clara Daly
Art By Clara Daly
Art By Ameera Sheikh
Art By Cyarna Trim
Art by Lea Bichlmaier
Art By Adrián Ibarra Lugo

Now, if you’re just hearing about the book and are wondering what will be included within the 280 pages, we have that info. So included in the book will be:

  • A guide to each major region of Tal’Dorei, with story hooks to fuel your campaign
  • Expanded character options, including 9 subclasses and 5 backgrounds
  • Magic items such as the Vestiges of Divergence, which are legendary artifacts that grow in power with their wielders
  • Dozens of creatures, many featured in Critical Role’s livestreamed campaigns
  • New lore and updated stat blocks for each member of Vox Machina
  • A gorgeous 18”x24” foldout poster map

Release Date And Where To Buy

So the official release date is January 18th, 2022. The book will first release to the US, UK, AU, and CA Critical Role Shops and the Darrington Press Guild Stores as well. 2 weeks later, it will then release at both local hobby stores and local gaming stores.

If you are a fan of the show and couldn’t get the original book back in 2017, you might want to get this.

And for more on both Table Top Gaming and Critical Role, you can check out THS.