In a (hopefully) new series of videos on their YouTube page, Iron Maiden posted this new video of Adrian Smith jamming out to the song “Gangland”. The song which was originally on the Number of the Beast album, is not one that you hear too often about from the band. Every once in awhile, you’ll get the odd question about if it should have made the album or not. Adrian Smith in this latest video, went over a bit of history on the song. It was less history and more shredding on the guitar though.

I learned through the video that the song’s genesis came through Clive Burr and Adrian. It’s heavily inspired by Thin Lizzy songs of the time. He says in the video “I haven’t played it in a Donkey’s Years”. He almost flawlessly shreds through the song for all of us, complete with small commentary that only Adrian could do.

It was only a small look into the mind of one of Iron Maiden’s greatest creators. For such a small look, I enjoyed it thoroughly. So here’s to hoping that Iron Maiden releases more of these types of videos. We know the story about the most famous of Iron Maiden songs, but it’s the smaller, lesser known songs that we as fans are clamoring for.

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