OK here I go again. I know I say this a lot, but one of my favorite things about Star Wars is that it always leaves you guessing. And The MandalorianThe Tragedy” was no different. As just about all you know we finally saw the Return of Boba Fett, and yes I may of yelled a little when Slave 1 came flying across the screen. But he wasn’t the only bounty that returned after being left for dead. We also saw that Fennec Shand also was back in action after taking a blaster shot to the gut. So, after what looked like certain death for both of them, how did they survive? Well I am going out on a ledge and saying it was another fellow bounty hunter that saved them… Rothgar Deng, also possibly known as, Dengar.


Why I Think Dengar Saved Boba Fett & Fennec Shand

Yes I know, many of you are already saying that I am crazy, and I agree. But again remember this is a bunch of what ifs and maybe a little bit of wishful thinking. So, how did I get to this theory? Well first off I am going to head to the future Star Wars canon timeline to the Rise of Skywalker. There we quickly see a character hanging out in the lair… Rothgar Deng. So why is this important? Well it seems like there are some clues out there that Rothgar may be a friend of Boba Fett, Dengar! And on top of that, these clues could also have the answers on how Dengar, not only saved Boba Fett but helped save Fennec Shand as well.

An old pro may have a new name

So, where are these clues hiding that I speak off? Well, they have been under our noses the whole time. Here are some excerpts from the Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary and StarWars.com:

Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictioary

“Rothgar is an old and experienced Corellian bounty hunter, who is likely operating under an alias. He has been subjecting himself to cybernetic replacements in a poorly planned bid to live and work forever. As age began slowing his reflexes and dulling his senses, Rothgar turned to black-market surgical clinics to replace damaged or wizened body parts with ones that will give him an advantage in his dangerous trade. Poor decision making has led to a ghastly appearance.”

Dengar (Rothdar Deng)


“Hanging out in the lair of the ne’er-do-wells known as the Thieves’ Quarter in Kijimi City is a bounty hunter with many cybernetic parts. An old Corellian hunter with an affinity for Imperial-era stormtrooper armor, using the alias Rothgar Deng. Like how Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba were hinted at but never mentioned outright in the Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, we get hints here of someone we ought to know. But I can’t seem to place a name to this now-hideous monstrosity of low-budget-augmentation who we might have seen during the Clone Wars and chasing the Millennium Falcon after Hoth. Deng it!”

So how does all this tie into Dengar saving them?

So, unless Boba Fett became a doctor in his short time in the Sarlacc, someone would of had to taken care of him. Now some might say it could of been the Tusken Raiders, but with their primitive and hostile nature, probably not. We know from the Legends stories that Dengar saved Fett and helped him recover, and it seems like we are getting more from these stories as time goes one. But there was another thing that stuck out to me, the new mechanized guts Fennec reveled to Mando.


Dengar, with his knowledge of the black market surgical clinics and more then likely in the process of upgrading himself at the time, may of been the one that help them both get back on their feet. So long story short, Fett may of saved Fennec’s life by taking her to Dengar.

So I Want To Hear From You

I know all this this is out there, but please remember again all of this is just what-ifs. If it is him, I don’t see a huge story on it, or it will be told in the Boba Fett rumored spinoff series. But as a old school Star Wars fan I would love this in the storyline.

Bounty Hunters

What are your thoughts on my Dengar theory? Is there someone else you think may of helped? Also would you like to see more of the old Star Wars bounty hunters pop up here and there? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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