Even though it’s a debate, it really shouldn’t be. Deep Purple is metal. Led Zeppelin is metal. Black Sabbath is metal. Those three bands laid the foundations for what would become the heavy metal genre. Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford had to step in and give his opinion on the matter during an interview with Rolling Stone. Halford is out promoting his new book, Confess: The Autobiography.

Here’s what he had to say about Deep Purple’s 1972 album, Machine Head and whether or not Deep Purple is metal.

Machine Head’ – it’s fierce and it’s intense. There’s always been a debate over whether Purple is a hard-rock or heavy-metal band. Priest did a tour with them, and I watched them many, many times from the side of the stage. They sound heavy to me; really heavy… But of all of the Deep Purple albums that they made, that one really, really works for me.

Rob Halford to Rolling Stone

Deep Purple Is Metal, Sorry Folks Who Disagree

Now that quote might not be the “Deep Purple is heavy metal” that we’re all looking for, it doesn’t really matter. That debate is up to the fans. I say that they are. You go listen to Machine Head and tell me that it isn’t heavy metal. I’m waiting. Richie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, and the rest of the boys in Deep Purple were a foundation for what became metal.

What do you think about Halford’s comments? Do you think Deep Purple and some other classic bands should be classified as metal?

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Source: Rolling Stone