It looks like Tom and Jerry will finally make their way into the world of live-action/animated movies. Or at least, the trailer will. When we actually see it tomorrow.

According to various British news outlets, the trailer for Tom and Jerry is scheduled to drop tomorrow on November 17. We have no idea what will be in this trailer. All we know is that multiple British news outlets confirm its release tomorrow, so it must be true, right?

And well, the fact that it’s British news outlets confirming the news confirms that Tom and Jerry will take place in the UK. That, and the picture of London’s historical Tower Bridge in the Tweet above should’ve clued you in on that. Also, Jerry’s white pupil-less eyes. They don’t have anything to do with the UK or the movie (hopefully), but they will haunt me in my dreams.

Tom and Jerry Finally Invades the Real World!

Tom and Jerry movie logo.
Good animation. Now let’s hope it meshes well with the live action.

This announcement of Tom and Jerry‘s trailer’s release tomorrow is surprising in more ways than one. It’s not just the subject matter, since I doubt anyone would’ve expected a live-action Tom and Jerry. No, it’s also the fact that the movie has apparently been languishing in development hell since 2009. Over 10 years in limbo later, and now we’ll finally get our first look at it on November 17. Yay?

The old Tom and Jerry concept with the atrocious CGI.
Hopefully, not like this.

Tom and Jerry was originally supposed to be a live-action/CGI movie in the vein of Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007). However, it’s been in development hell for so long that its entire concept changed. Now, it’s supposed to be a live-action/animated movie in the same style as Who Framed Roger Rabbit. If the CGI was anything like what we got above, I’m glad that they did change the concept.

Scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Inspiration for Tom and Jerry?

All this is still speculation though, given that we haven’t actually seen this Tom and Jerry trailer yet. So take my optimism with a bit of salt, yeah?

A small pile of salt.
One order of salted-down optimism to go.


The trailer for the all-singing, all-dancing Tom and Jerry live-action/animated hybrid movie by Warner Bros. will have its trailer premier tomorrow on November 17, 2020. Not the actual movie, mind you. Just a trailer. Tune in tomorrow for more news as the story develops. Or in other words, when we actually see the bloody trailer.

Source: Comic Book