It’s the Holiday season and our favorite streaming platforms are helping all of us get into the Holiday Spirit! Whether you’re young or old, the Netflix Original Series Dash and Lily is sure to warm up even the Grinchiest of Grinches hearts.

Based on the book series by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn (Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist), Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, and produced by Nick Jonas – need I say more? Dash and Lily is an opposites attract, teen-rom-com that takes us on a whimsical Holiday journey between Dash and Lily.

Just Who Are Dash And Lily?

Dash (Austin Abrams) is your cynical, realist, surliest rich kid who finds no joy in the Holiday Season. Lily (Midori Francis), however, couldn’t be more opposite. She’s an old soul, who LOVES the Holiday season: the cheer, the shopping, the family time. However, this year is the first year her family won’t be home for Christmas! What’s a girl to do? Lily and her brother come up with a scheme to leave a notebook full of clues and puzzles in her favorite bookstore, The Strand, for someone to find. And this is where our Dash and Lily adventure begins.

Abrams and Francis did a fantastic job of portraying these two people who could have easily been pushed to the corny or obnoxious side – but they’re real people, who look like real people, and act like teenagers with wit and charm making them incredibly likable. 

The show may be about Dash and Lily, but for me, the heart of the show is Dash’s BFF, and my favorite character in the series, Boomer played by Dante Brown. Everyone needs a ride-or-die friend like Boomer in their life. He’ll tell it like it is while letting you do what you want and still there for you when he needs to pick up the pieces without saying, “I told you so.”

A Worthy Holiday Adventure

I also felt a huge standout in the series is Lily’s brother, Langston, played by Troy Iawata stealing almost every single scene he is in. Langston goes on his own journey of love during the series and you can’t help but want to slap him and route for him all at the same time.

Dash and Lily has 8 episodes that are roughly 24ish minutes each keeping the binge-watcher happy!  The series is charming, sweet, and full of Holiday goodness as well as the must needed angsty drama in order to keep up glued to our screens and hitting the PLAY NEXT EPISODE button over and over again. So, curl up on your couch, grab a class of cocoa and enjoy!