It’s Friday the 13th. Are you feeling spooky? The Craft: Legacy wants to get you in the spirit with a new extended clip from the movie.

Check it out below:

The teen witch flick is available now on demand, but today Sony Pictures announced details about the DVD/Blu-Ray release. You can grab a hard copy of The Craft: Legacy starting December 22. (That’s just in time to bring a different kind of magic home for the holidays.)

For fans of The Craft, the Blu-Ray edition will probably be worth checking out, because it’s promising quite a bit of new footage. The discs include four different alternate scenes with an introduction from director Zoe Lister-Jones. Plus, you can watch two featurettes about continuing the legacy of the original movie and readapting it today (“Franchise Legacy” and “Powerful Story, Magical Director”).

A Blumhouse-produced film, The Craft: Legacy follows a group of four teenage witches exploring their newfound powers. The movie includes several references to the original 1996 movie The Craft, which continues to attract a cult following.

Legacy was billed as a sequel to the original, but it’s really more of a reboot for a Gen-Z audience. You can check out our review below for more details.

You can get The Craft: Legacy on demand now, or pick up a Blu-Ray copy starting December 22.

So, will you be getting witchy this Christmas with this new The Craft? Let us know in the comments. 

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