No need to get anxious – Big Mouth returns soon!

The latest season of the animated Netflix series starts streaming December 4.

Season 4 of Big Mouth focuses on the anxiety of growing up, and of discovering and accepting yourself. It picks up at summer camp just before the gang starts 8th grade. And in Big Mouth tradition, it continues to “explore human sexuality and everything around it, including racial and sexual identity, love in all its forms, and having “The Hugest Period Ever.””

New Characters

Season 4 introduces some new characters to lean in to the anxiety theme. Maria Bamford joins the cast as Tito the Mosquito, an anxiety-riddled insect targeting the kids. Later, Zach Galifianakis tries to assuage some anxiety as the Gratitoad.

Big Mouth season 4 poster

The new season also taps a ton of famous guest stars, including Seth Rogen, Josie Totah, Lena Waithe, Quinta Brunson, John Oliver, Sterling K. Brown, Paul Giamatti, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle.

Missy’s Recasting

Earlier this year, the animation industry was criticized for having white actors voice characters of color. Following this discussion, Jenny Slate decided to step down from her role as Missy on Big Mouth. Her replacement, Ayo Edebiri, will make her debut as Missy during this season. 

However, most of Missy’s dialogue will still be delivered by Slate this season. By the time Edebiri was selected for the role, all of the dialogue for Big Mouth’s fourth season had already been recorded and delivered to Netflix. Because of the lengthy production time necessary for animation, the team decided to only re-record the final two episodes. So, Edebiri’s debut as Missy happens in season 4’s penultimate episode. She will continue to voice Missy in future seasons of the show.

Big Mouth season 4 hits Netflix December 4.