Josh Gad somehow managed to make the previously annoying Olaf the animate snowman likeable in Frozen 2. Olaf’s hilariously accurate recaps played a big role in that, and now he’s doing one for the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Because the YouTube version has subtitles.

To give you all some background: a few days ago, Josh Gad Tweeted a message telling people to go out there and vote. While it’s an inspirational message on its own, there’s more. He mentions that if that video reached 10,000 Retweets, then he’d do an Olaf Recap of the entire Star Wars franchise films.

Bait, set, hook.

So naturally, the 10,000 Retweet goal is reached in less than a day. And since Josh Gad is a man of his word, we get our Olaf Recap of Star Wars. But not the entire franchise all at once. That’d be a bit too much even for someone as talented as Josh Gad. So for now, we just have the Olaf Recap for the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, According to Olaf

Josh Gad/Olaf gives his recap of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.
The most hilariously and technically accurate recap in Star Wars history.

In true Olaf fashion, the entire recap of the Star Wars prequel trilogy is technically accurate in the most hilarious way possible. The voice behind the animate snowman is pretty quick to point out all the flaws in the movie, and in the characters themselves. Anakin Skywalker, in particular, gets burned hard when the recap reaches Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Although to be fair, Anakin kind of deserves it.

Even better, portions of the recap go into meta-humor, focusing on what happens outside of the movies themselves in a way that would make the Warner Bros. (and Warner sister) proud. When you start hearing how Yoda is computer-generated in the prequel, and how he evolves into a puppet by the time of The Empire Strikes Back, you know the joke has jumped the silver screen.


Josh Gad (AKA: Olaf the animate snowman from the Frozen films) applies his own hilarious take on the Star Wars prequel trilogy. If Olaf tried to recap what happens in that trilogy, this would be the result. May the Force be with you, Josh Gad/Olaf, as you work on the recaps for the other Star Wars trilogies.