Greetings Programs! Just when I think I am done buying figures for a while, something new catches my eye. Well guess what, today was no different, and if you are a Tron fan you’ll understand. This January Diamond Select Toys will be releasing a Tron Electronic Arcade Style PX Previews exclusive that will make you feel like you’re on the grid! From the look of it, this amazing box set will retail between $110 and $120. Also it is available now to pre-order from retailers like Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. You might want to also check your local comic shops as well.

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Photo Credit: Big Bad Toy Store

Tron Electronic Arcade Style Box Set

Product Description

Greetings programs! Welcome to the world of Tron!

Right out of Kevin Flynn’s arcade comes Diamond Select’s box set from the 1982 landmark motion picture, Tron!

The exclusive packaging is inspired by the actual vintage 1980s Tron arcade machine and was designed by David Forrest of Kinetic Underground. This electronic boxset showcases Tron and Sark’s final showdown as Flynn plunges into the Master Control Program’s core to return to the real world.


The arcade-styled packaging features a full light-up Tron marquee, an authentic replica of the Tron arcade joystick, and 2 different UV light sequences. The multiple flashing multicolored LEDs and ultraviolet lights are activated by either pressing the Player 1 or Player 2 start buttons located on top of the replica arcade control console!

This Tron boxset comes packed with 7-inch collector’s scale action figures of Tron, Sark, and Flynn, designed by Yuri Tming and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. Each figure features 16 points of articulation with identity disc accessories and UV reflective paint which glows when electronics in the package are activated! The Tron Electronic Arcade Style Boxset includes batteries and measures over 16 inches tall and over 11 inches wide.

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