Rey looks like she’ll be going on her own time-bending journey in LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, according to what we’re hearing about it. At the very least, it doesn’t appear to be just a LEGO version of a much loved/hated original Holiday Special.

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Rey vs. Darth Vader in LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.
Canonicity? What’s that?

Entertainment Weekly somehow managed to obtain hints of LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special‘s plot. No, it’s not from some random crazy guy shouting in a street corner. Somehow, they managed to secure an interview with executive producer James Waugh. He revealed that this LEGO version of Star Wars is a lot more…creative about its timelines. Or more particularly: its lack of maintaining one.

“The Holiday Special has something you will never see in Star Wars otherwise which is all the characters from across all timelines crashing together,” Waugh told Entertainment Weekly. “Normally story groups are so concerned about maintaining this amazing galaxy so that it feels cohesive, it was liberating to do this in a way that’s charming and fun.”

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LEGO Star Wars: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special poster.
The gallows humor is strong with this one.

Apparently, LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special was inspired by the movie’s producers watching their kids play with LEGO Star Wars sets. Kids don’t really care about maintaining any kind of order in LEGO sets. According to Waugh himself, his own son “literally just dumps his bucket out”. That was when he “realized that was a play pattern that could actually inform the fun of this show.”

Really though, if you’re a fan of The Lego Movie, you already see where this is going. A show that mashes various LEGO sets from different universes from different timelines? That’s the movie in a nutshell, and it appears that’s what LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is going for. It really does fit with the spirit of LEGO in many ways. I foresee this being a pretty good movie if it does follow the pattern of The Lego Movie. At the very least, it has to be a better movie than that godawful thing it was inspired by.

The Holiday Special no one wants to remember.
The Star Wars movie few have heard about, and no one wants to remember.

Seriously, anything would be an improvement over this.


For all you fans who are worried that LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is just a LEGO version of one of the most hated Star Wars movies in history, fear not. It’s an entirely different beast, and one that stays true to the spirit of LEGO, if not quite Star Wars. To me, that’s already a big improvement from the other Holiday Special, and that’s enough for me. It’s already a good enough reason for me to check it out on Disney+ in November 2020.

Source: Entertainment Weekly