Netflix is at it again. Their anime titles continue to grow, and now they expand of the future of Jaegers and Kaiju. Netflix announced awhile back they were going to create an anime continuation to the Pacific Rim series. Finally, Pacific Rim – The Black drops its first images as well as the opening credit compilation. Check out the opening credits below:

Opening credits to Pacific Rim – The Black

As much as the trailer shows, it leaves a lot of questions. Opening credits often carry a different tone and animation from the show just to make it stand out. This opening scene uses all CGI animation to render the characters, Jaegers and kaiju, but that is not the same as anime. The pictures below show the actual animation style we can expect.

Here we can see the traditional animation style Netflix uses for many of its projects, but that doesn’t mean the CGI isn’t out. In fact I would bet we see a combination of the two, and that may or may not be a good thing.

The Black Drops First Images – What To Expect

The Black, as it’s being called, will be anime, but Netflix has a habit of using both the Anime style and CG creatures. A good example of this is the recent release of Dragon’s Dogma, (TV-MA). The humans and surroundings are all anime, but when the Dragon appears, its animation style switches to CGI. It really makes it stand out, but the fluidity does not fit the rest of the work. Its jarring movements need to be smoothed out to fit better.

So far nothing is known about the nature or timing of the series. It follows two siblings in an abandoned Jaeger battling the kaiju, but where amongst the film timeline it falls remains a mystery. A tweet from Netflix does suggest it will be long after Pacific Rim: Uprising. The show launches in 2021 and has been ordered for two seasons to start.