Rahul Kohli has been having a little fun with us. Several weeks ago, the Haunting of Bly Manor star had been playing up rumors that Lucasfilm was casting Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels for live action. If the studio was to bring the character back post-Rebels, Kohli would seemingly be a perfect fit…. Especially if you asked him. The die-hard Star Wars fan is literally aching at the chance to play in Star Wars, and reaction to his tweets suggest that fans are on board, too.

Rahul Kohli; Ezra Bridger; Star Wars Rebels
The scene that inspired Ezra’s future look (see the fan art below). Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

It started with a cheeky tweet in which the actor hinted he was getting ready for the role of Ezra Bridger for The Mandalorian’s upcoming season(s). He later revealed that he was kidding, and that the tweet was just a bit of wishful thinking.

By the time Rahul Kohli made his retraction, however, the Star Wars fandom had already stirred itself into a frenzy. Rumors still abound regarding The Mandalorian Season 2. Some casting appears confirmed, while the status of others remains clouded in mystery. (Is Timothy Olyphant playing Cobb Vanth, or not?) But, sadly, one rumor is not true. Kohli will not play Ezra Bridger.

Rahul Kohli not playing Ezra Bridger… but he should

The Rebels series finale say Ezra off to the Unknown Regions with a captured Thrawn. Its final scenes also revealed that Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren were off to find him. Then we got The Mandalorian and the 3,720 rumors surrounding its Season 2 characters. Ahsoka Tano is all but confirmed. Likewise, if you believe the Internet, Sabine Wren may very well make an appearance, as well. So why not Rahul Kohli as Ezra Bridger, too?

Rahul Kohli; Ezra Bridger; Star Wars Rebels
Kohli posted this side-by-side image of himself and “future Ezra” fan art from @PandoraYoungArt in follow-up tweet to dispel the rumor of his casting.
(Image: Rahul Kohli/Twitter)

Ezra’s character followed the stereotypical Jedi arc over the course of Rebels. He started off as a whiny (Anakin; Luke) orphan (Luke; Rey), trained with a former Jedi Knight (Obi-Wan; Luke; Kanan), and eventually became a strong Jedi despite his obstacles. He was just coming into his own when Disney cancelled Rebels in favor of the less-than-well-received Star Wars: Resistance.

Ezra’s story still feels… incomplete

Ezra Bridger
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Unfortunately, as a result, we never got to see Ezra fully develop as we did with Ahsoka. Rahul Kohli stepping in to portray Ezra Bridger now, and to bring his story arc full circle, would have been nice. To have such a fan portray what was becoming such an important character in the franchise is what Star Wars needs.

Plus, who doesn’t love a guy who loves Dash Rendar?

(Source in part from Inverse)